Vanilla Ice Cream with Morello Cherry

Vanilla Ice Cream with Morello Cherry

Recipe Serves: 2


Mrs Bridges Morello Cherry Preserve 

Vanilla Ice Cream 

Splash of kirsch or cassis

10g Pistachios 


Follow The Recipe

To transform vanilla ice cream into a gorgeous dessert put three tablespoons of Mrs Bridges Morello Cherry Preserve in a small saucepan with one tablespoon water. Heat over a medium low heat until warm and a pourable consistency. Stir in a splash of kirsch or cassis. 

Roughly chop 10g pistachios and add to a frying pan over a medium heat until you can smell the nuts toasting.

Scoop vanilla ice cream into two serving dishes. Drizzle over the warm cherry sauce and sprinkle over the toasted pistachios. Serve immediately. 

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