Cheese & Tomato Quiche with a Layer of Sweet Onion Relish


  • 300g cherry tomatoes
  • 1 tsp olive oil 80g Parmesan or Pecorino, grated
  • 2 large free-range eggs
  • 284ml pot double cream
  • 8 basil leaves, roughly torn
  • salt and pepper to season
  • 4 tsp Mrs Bridges Sweet Onion Relish


Blind bake a shortcrust pastry shell in a 25cm quiche dish or tin, and allow to cool or use a pre-made shell if you prefer.
Place the cherry tomatoes on a roasting tin and drizzle with olive oil. Season with salt and pepper before placing the tray in a pre-heated oven (180c /160c fan) to roast for around 15 minutes, then allow to cool.
In a large bowl, beat the eggs with a fork and then gradually add the cream and stir to combine. Next add a handful of basil leaves and season with salt and pepper, before putting the mixture to one side.
Spread the Mrs Bridges Sweet Onion Relish generously over the base of the pie crust, sprinkle ½ of the grated cheese over the layer of relish, and then pour over the egg mixture.
Next, evenly place the roasted cherry tomatoes and remaining cheese over the top before placing the tin in the oven to bake for 20 – 25 mins (200c / 180c fan) until golden brown and firmly set.
Best served alongside a fresh salad.

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