Mrs Bridges authentic approach means that we use the time honoured, slow boiling, open-pan method of making marmalades, preserves and curds. We still use traditional open copper jam pans to make Mrs Bridges range, resulting in a great tasting product, just like home-made.

Based in the heartland of the Scottish berry fields, Mrs Bridges is ideally placed to benefit from the fantastic Scottish soft fruit grown on the doorstep and all strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant preserves are made with Scottish soft fruit. The temperate climate in Scotland is perfect for soft fruit growing as the fruit can be grown for longer, resulting in a greater flavour.

The fantastic range of marmalades are made using the finest bitter oranges grown in Seville, Spain - the home of the marmalade orange. Mrs Bridges also uses high quality whole Spanish citrus fruits in all other marmalades.

The savoury products perfectly accompany the preserve selection and are all made in small batches, using delicious fruits and vegetables.

Mrs Bridges also produces a selection of wonderful gift packs, which are packed by hand - just as Mrs Bridges would have packed picnics for the Bellamy family at Eaton Place. These are available seasonally on the online shop and throughout the year from independent retailers.

Today, Mrs Bridges is a family owned and run business, proud of its heritage and traditional products. Each product is crafted with care and attention, from artisan jam makers with years of experience.